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  1. muy interesante el tema al respecto pues últimamente luego solo se encuentran historias creepy chismes, o algunos medios desinforman, la idea del periodismo digital que el contenido tengan historias o un complemento a la información impresa, que no solo lo hagan para ganar likes o reproducciones,

  2. Couldn’t agree more with the idea of this post! Lost searching for the Magic equation with all solutions.IMHO, there is no such thing as an equation, there maybe paradigms for success.Whatever it is we should never stop looking, we might just pick up much more valuable things in the process.

  3. Ma nièce de Marseille a envoyé ce post ? ma soeur de Lozère qui me l’a expédié ? Nantes après avoir vu une photo de moi!Je vais sans doute essayer la crème non sans avoir acheté au préalable quelques actions dans cette société de cosmétiques eu égard au nombre de réactions positives. Petit mot de la fin sur le site: la vie et l’avis de Deedee ont même de l’influence sur les parisiennes exilées.Longue vie au site

  4. Lynn’s Island Chicken from the food blogger formerly known as Strawberry Cake.  This sweet, and tangy chicken bake uses bottled bbq sauce and apricot preserves.  Serve it with rice for a comforting homemade meal for sharing.

  5. Are you guys kidding me, seriously are you kidding me…Salman did not jump from that high, I like Salman but he did not attempt this. To glide like that in air and steer so close to mountains and land with pin point accuracy requires years and years of practice, Salman has no training at all, look at the video, they have shot it in a intelligent way to show as if he jumped, Salman wud have killed himself had he attempted somethign like this

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